Privacy Policy

Privacy in business is indescribably important and from conceptualization we have prioritized this necessity making it core to the functionality of the Qahootz service. We have built a foundation for giving users flexibility in controlling how information is accessed both from within and from outside of a given business. Above all, we will proactively improve on privacy in order to adapt to the constantly changing environment, which is the same approach we take for the rest of our business.

The information we collect

We receive and store data that is provided through your ongoing use of the Qahootz service. One, we record actions you take like creating projects or submitting bids while you interact on Qahootz. Two, all information that is entered like your name and company metrics are kept for us to refer to while improving and tailoring the Qahootz experience. Three, some data is gathered automatically including details like your browser type, the number of visitors we are getting and how they access the site. We also automatically determine the general location of the device you visit the site from so we can customize how the site works for you. Qahootz also uses cookies that allow us to automatically remember your device and relate it to the information we have saved.

How we use the information we collect

We use the information we collect in order to better the service or create new services and promote their use. Improving what we offer allows us to provide more value by, for example, delivering relevant results when searching for a business partner or trying to win a bid on the right project for your business. We share success stories and advertise projects or companies to attract users and expand opportunities for the entire Qahootz community. Our database is analyzed for aggregate statistics that may be shared with our partners. We will use information as required by law.


The primary user for a company account may approve for another individual to create login credentials that separately access the account. Once logged into the account, secondary users have broad abilities to collaborate within the organization and interact with other companies. However, there are some limits on what secondary users are allowed to do. They do not have the ability to delete a company account or remove a primary user.

Privacy Settings

We understand that flexibility and simplicity are essential when users are determining what information should be available to others. Connecting to other companies or creating a network of affiliates allows users to easily collaborate on projects and automatically share events via the "Bulletin Board." The entirety of a company profile can be either viewable by connections only or everyone that accesses Qahootz. Project creators also have the ability to limit participation in a given project only to connections. When submitting a bid on a project, users have the ability to choose whether they would like other project bidders to be able to see the bid along with the project creators or solely the project creators. Project participants include all users in all companies that have either solely or jointly created the project or that have submitted a joint or sole bid on the project.