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How do businesses use projects to procure for budgeted needs?

Repeat Vendors

A landlord looking to keep the hedges trimmed wants to hire a landscaper so they request bids for the contract on Qahootz.

Major Plans

Demand has outpaced the space available at a local restaurant so they set out to select a contractor for a much needed expansion.

Contract Work

A small grocery chain is looking to optimize transaction processing so they seek a consultant to audit and enhance their current approach.

Not sure how your business can use Qahootz projects?
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A Truly B2B Experience

B2B means exposure to industries that are uniquely commercial in nature. It means access to clients that typically have larger budgets and recurring needs. It means you can constantly assess the value of your vendors. Give your business local visibility by using a media-rich profile to showcase your unique value within your niche. Embrace B2B in your business to start connecting with decision-makers in all specialized industries based on location, budget, target customers and more.

Collaboration Is Key

Think about all the vendors your business works with on a daily basis. They are so crucial to your operations and have a huge impact on customer perceptions. By creating a project, you can start comparing detailed quotes on the jobs your business needs done. Go a step further by teaming up with other companies on your procurement request to enhance your bargaining power. Companies that want to really impress you can join together on bids they send you.

Your Business Needs

Drive Sales

Empower your sales team to pitch active prospects or find the vendors that can make your efforts more effective. Easily engage and stay organized by editing projects and endorsing partners. With notifications, you can keep track of relevant business activity and discover new opportunities. Here’s the Qahootz approach to promoting your company to thousands of businesses:

  • Awareness
  • Use a profile to display your team, your clients and your work
  • Prospecting
  • Search the network and pinpoint buyers with commercial needs
  • Engagement
  • Team up, connect, endorse & bid
  • Seal
  • Win mutually beneficial, long-term relationships
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